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controlinks.jpgControLinks is a burner and boiler fuel air control system that has been shown to provide tremendous fuel savings (5-20%) at a reasonable price, resulting in very quick payback times.

The ControLinks system, uses precise microprocessor-based controls to develop independent combustion curves for each fuel. It is extremely accurate and is a vast improvement over mechanical jackshaft or cam and linkage assemblies. Other advantages include reduced set-up and service times, less troubleshooting and diagnostics, and increased safety features.

The ControLinks system is comprised of the R7999 Fuel Air Ratio Control, a wiring subbase, ML7999 universal actuators, and commissioning software. The system is entirely compatible with Honeywell's RM7800 Series of burner controls.

Pacific Controls Ltd. has been appointed as British Columbia's sole authorized Honeywell "ControLinks" distributor.

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