Save up to 15% on your fuel costs using ControLinks Fuel Air Control   
   System by Honeywell’s Burner and Boiler Controls Division.

ControLinks, by Honeywell, allows you precise control over your fuel-air burner system, which will save you a lot of money if you’re using conventional jack-shaft or mechanical linkage systems. ControLinks can control two independent fuels to 0.1 degree accuracy, resulting in considerable energy savings and less environmental impact.

Also, a bigger turndown ratio allows a boiler to operate at lower capacity reducing wear and tear, and reducing emissions. Plus it’s easy to install and service, and can be used with display diagnostics and combustion analyzers. See below for more product details.

ControLinks Brochure  New Brochure (PDF)
ControLinks System Overview Engineers Overview (PDF)
R7999 Controller Manual r7999 (PDF)

S7999B System Display (Overview)

Overview (PDF)

S7999B System Display (Technical Documentation)

Technical Documentation (PDF)
ZM7999 Commissioning Software (NEW!) New! zm7999 (PDF)
ML7999A Parallel Position Actuator ml7999a (PDF)
ML7999B Direct Couple Actuator ml7999b (PDF)
ML7999 Shaft Adaptors   ml7999sa (PDF)
S7999 ControLinks Display Module s7999 (PDF)
Q7999 Wiring Subbase q7999 (PDF)
ControLinks Savings Calculator calc (XLS)

Florida Laundry – 30% Savings Florida Laundry Case Study (PDF)
Mexican Bakery – 14% Savings Mexico Bakery Case Study (PDF)
University of Western Ontario – 2 yr. payback University of Western Ontario Case Study (PDF)

BC Installs Include: 

  • University of Victoria,
  • Lillydale,
  • Broadmead Lodge,
  • Keefer Laundry,
  • WCB... and more

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Contact your local authorized Honeywell ControLinks Distributor:

British Columbia:

Vancouver phone 1-800-661-0173 or (604) 879-6711
Victoria phone 1-888-277-6208 or (250) 382-3101

Rest of Canada:
Contact your local Honeywell distributor or go to

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